So Fortunate to Have Worked on Such a Cool Project

Our Builders Design Team feels so fortunate to have worked on a way cool project between famed architect Piet Boon and K. Hovnanian Homes called Line K.  Karyn Meyn’s team at Piet Boon was the driving force behind creating such inspiring interiors and we felt humbled to work with such great designers.

The Line K homes are  a modern, sophisticated lifestyle that place a premium on wide-open living spaces and materials that speak to the surrounding environment with artistic nuances around every corner ((  The three model homes, ranging in size between 7,000 and 9,000 square feet, turned out magnificently.  They held a private party on May 24th for all involved …. see iPhone shots below. The photos don’t do these spectacular homes justice, so you really need to go see them in Willowsford, VA (

So many people in our company had a role in this project, but special thanks goes to our Designer Stephanie Gee.  We also want to thank the awesome folks at K. Hovnanian Homes including Dee Minich and Larry Gorman.   ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage





Welcome to the new Builders Design blog.  2014 is bringing change to Builders Design!  With the most awesome senior managers and talented design team in the industry, our firm is optimistic as its renaissance goes into full swing!  With new leadership, new ideas, and a new image innovation is our primary mission this year.

As  Builders Design establishes a new brand in the industry, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website showcasing a selection of projects completed by both our Model Interior and Multi-Family Interior divisions.  Our progressive and comprehensive approach to ‘interior marketing’ ensures our clients’ real estate ventures will see the highest absorption and occupancy rates.

Stay tuned for more exciting Company and industry news!